English Subject Area In-Service

January 30 & 31, 2017

Presession - A Slice of Life: Getting into Reading and Writing Memoirs (Susan Gardner/Doug Jones)
     A Woman on the Street
     Books Helpful for Writing Memoirs
     Out of Reach, Some Things Should Never Change
     Slice of Life Memoirs


General Session - Don't Do It All: Using Rubrics to Teach Writing (Georgina Hill/Maria Rankin-Brown)
     Don't Do It All
     Match Instructor Response to Learning Purpose

     Grading beyond the Curve: How to Navigate Standards-Based Grading (Lauryn Wild)

     Humor in the Classroom: Debunking the Myth of Serious Learning (Sarah Henderson)

     Improving Writing Outcomes for ELL/ESL Students (August Champlin)
          Calibrated Peer Review Guidance
          Calibrated Peer Reviews Article
          Calibrated Peer Reviews Presentation
          Power Writing Overview

     Keynote: The Promise of Authenticity in Real Reading, Real Writing: 
The Vital Role of English Teachers (Susan Gardner)

     Mentoring Self-Reflective Writers and Meaningful Research (Erin Banks-Kirkman)

     Multi-modual Rhetoric and 'Teaching for Transfer' Writing Pedagogy (Erin Banks-Kirkman)

     Panel Discussion: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (Keith Drieberg/Christine Dudley/Lauryn Wild)
          Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
          Culturally Responsive Survey

     Reading Kids: Fostering Literacy in Young Adults (Doug Jones)

     Teaching Persuasive Claims to Clarify Commentary (David Stone)
          Five Types of Claims handout
          Five Types of Claims link
          How to Tell a Mother Her Child is Dead
          Jane Schaffer Writing Program
          Persuasive Body Paragraph Prewriting Chart

     What to Expect from College Composition (Georgina Hill/Maria Rankin-Brown)


Breakout Sessions
     AP ShopTalk
     Literature Review ShopTalk

     My Favorite Things ShopTalk
     Paperload ShopTalk


Round Tables
     In-service Discussion Slides
     Peer Review in the Classroom: A Guide for Students
     Peer Review in the Classroom: A Guide for Instructors