Education Council


Data Dynamos
Data Dynamos

General Sessions:
Overall Ppt Presentation:
     Slides 27-56: SBL Panel
     Slides 69-108: Data Dynamos: Mapping Student Success
Ed Code Revisions voted by Union BOE
Devotionals by Joey Oh:
     The Role of Education
     The Rule of Education
     The Result of Education
SBL Panel:
     Padlet Link, Craig Mattson
     Padlet Link, Maurita Crew
REACH Ppt Presentation:
     Ten Things Teachers Should Know About REACH Handout
     Blank Measurable Action Plan Form
     Sample Measurable Action Plan Form
     NAD Accommodation Checklist
     Sample Letter of Request for Testing

Data Dynamos: MAPping Student Success:
     School Profile Report
     School Profile Report Growth
     Projected Proficiency Summary
     Class Profile Report
     Achievement Status/Quadrant

Curriculum Snapshot Video:
     ECE Curriculum Snapshot Handout
     Elementary Curriculum Snapshot Handout
     Secondary Curriculum Snapshot Handout
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FALL 2023

General Sessions:
State of the Union, Berit von Pohle
Legal Updates, Jon Daggett
Glance in the Mirror, Aimee Leukert
Ed Code Revisions to Union BOE
Curriculum Snapshots
Intro to Teaching Flyer
SBL Training on ALC
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Round Table Sessions:
TDEC Report, RJ Tenga
Classroom Walkthroughs, Dan Nicola
Partnerships That Market Your School, Jennifer Montalban


FALL 2022

General Sessions:
Devotional-Paul's Letter to Christians, Kendra Haloviak Valentine
State of the Union, Berit von Pohle
Ed Code Revisions
Curriculum Snapshots
College Early-Intro to Ed Course
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Round Table Sessions:
TDEC Report-22-23 Subscription Resources, Cyber Insurance, TDEC Newsletter, Fernando Lista
New Teacher Needs-Mentorship, Infographic, Mentor/Mentee Program, Evelyn Park
Spiritual Master Plan & School Growth, Randy & Carol Bovee
The Principal as Educator, Brooke Lemmon
Creating a Strategic Plan with the School Board, Carol Todd

Breakout Sessions:
If Not You, Then Who? Responsibility of Leading as a Principal, Marc Woodson
Emergency Preparedness, David Fournier and Leander Tomazeli, ARM
Principal's Role in Creating a Collaborative Culture, Craig Mattson